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The Other "Wow" Factor...See Your Name in Vivid Light!

Have us custom design your name and have it projected in vivid light for your wedding reception

Add a high impact, individual touch to your wedding or special event and see your names brilliantly projected on the wall, ceiling or dance floor.

There is nothing like the big impact of seeing your name or initials brightly projected for all to see. Stand out and be proud to show your love to everyone. Dance 'Til Dawn uses state of the art  ETC Source Four HID Ellipsoidal Spotlights and the high power moving head REVO100 to project your names or initials.Use the image to bring attention to your dancefloor, a large empty wall or a towering ceiling.

With the potent light of a Source Four HID you can draw attention to your interior design and architectural details, call out specific objects and dramatize display spaces, or project interest-grabbing patterns, logos and signage. Source Four HID's are perfect for tall museum ceilings or vaulted church areas, large empty walls and dancefloors. Personalize your wedding decor in a spectacular fashion. Your guests will truly be impressed!

Source Four HID's are not your typical theatrical lights. These lights use High Intensity Discharge Metal Halide bulbs that use less power but are much brighter. The light can "punch" through the darkest rooms and can project up to 100 feet!

We design the gobos and designs are approved by client before the gobos are created.

All gobos MUST BE PAID IN FULL when ordering. All orders must be submitted no less than 4 weeks before the date of your event.